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Cyber Awareness Training

No matter the resources a business devotes towards protecting their data, the first-line of defense are the employees. Making cybersecurity a significant part of your operating culture will help you to minimize and defend against the most common and effective cyberattacks.

Disaster Preparedness

Having relevant and well-written policies and procedures in place before an adverse event is a major part of being cyberresilient. We use industry standards to formulate actionable plans and contingencies that significantly reduce your cybersecurity risks.

Cyberresilience Tools

The right tool for the right job is key to solving any problem. This concept is no different when creating layered cyber defenses for your business. We provide you with efficient and cost-effective tools to strengthen your organization’s cybersecurity posture.

Breach Response Services

The worst aspects of a disaster are the “unknowns”. This includes not knowing who to call, the total costs involved, and the time it will take to resolve the issues. Our breach response experts ensure that your business operations are back to up to speed as quickly and as easily as possible.

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Most small businesses don’t have the resources to invest in their own IT department or on-site cyber professionals. They also face a steep learning curve when trying to secure their business from known cybersecurity threats. These efforts ultimately detract from their core activities of providing quality products and services to their customers.

Furthermore, the fallout from a security breach can quickly turn into a bankruptcy-inducing​ event. Consider the time spent to address the technological issues, damage to the company’s brand, and legal fall out that is sure to ensue. In this climate, today’s business leaders face obstacles that could be avoided or mitigated by building cyber resilience into their corporate DNA.

No matter how much an organization invests in advanced technology, the most important factor in protecting their network is the “human element". Hence, we’ve developed systems that emphasize employee training, policies & procedures, and common sense technology solutions.

We took the guesswork and the anxiety out of the cyber resilience process. We have three simple plans to meet the most common needs of today’s growing businesses. They provide solutions make it tremendously easy for business leaders to get back to what they do best – running their business.

  • Technology Alone Is Not Enough

    76% of Small-to-Medium Businesses are not protected by their antivirus and malware solutions. - Ponemon Institute

  • Be Prepared

    60% of Small-to-Medium Businesses that are breached go out of business within six months. - US National Cyber Security Alliance

  • Employees Are Your First-Line of Defense

    54% of breaches were caused by negligent employees or contractors. - Verizon

  • Don't Get Scammed

    In 2019, social engineering affected 62% of Small-to-Medium Businesses. - Ponemon Institute


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